Rotational Lerp

Lerp movement and rotation is a quick way to animate game object movement in Unity. Here is a Rotational Lerp in Bolt. This example shows how to rotate a pinball flipper when a button is held down and then puts it back to it’s original position after the button is let go.

It’s important to note the use of Input.GetButton which relies on the variable name used in the unity Players button mapping. This will return true or false depending if the button is held down or not.

Also the mix of Vector3 and Quaternions can get messy, which is why we use Euler angles here, because it converts Vector3 into Quaternions.

There are Graph-Variables show for the alternate flipper in this image as well so don’t let that throw you off when reading this Graph.


We went with Hinge Joints to use the built in Unity Physics. However we did use Lerp to animate player pieces moving around a board game board from square to square. It just didn’t feel right for pinball flippers.