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This is not a public page, it is simply an extension of my mind. I should have started this years ago but it looks like April 2019 is the month I realized that I wanted to have records to refer to rather that relying on my memory for everything. 41 years is a turning point where I can admit that retaining everything forever isn’t an option like I thought it would be.

A random collection of stuff I’d like to remember about a bunch of different topics. Some I use regularly, some I only need to remember every few years. I’ve always been able to work my way through forgetting how something worked or the order some things need to be done, but why reinvent the wheel every time when the wheel is proven to be the most efficient way to go.

There are no set of rules governing this information and I’m not claiming that any of this information is true, efficient or even relevant to anyone other than myself.

Some content may just be a form of memory or storage and not make sense to you or anyone else, but then again this is my Mind Extension… not yours.

About time you did this Mike, I’ve been telling you to do this for years.

Mike’s Back Brain